Game day: Eastfield vs. Nassau


It’s game day.

Eastfield plays its first game of the NJCAA national tournament at 4 p.m. The teams comes into the tournament 24-7.

Players to watch for the Harvesters are:

Zack Duncan, who averaged 18 points a game in the last eight games, 3.1 rebounds a game and is shooting 48 percent from behind the arch.

Tre Anderson, who is averaging 15 points and nine rebounds a game.

Danzel Whitemon, who is averaging 13 points and seven reboundsa game.

The Harvesters come into the game leading the nation in scoring and points per game.

They are also ranked second in the nation for assists per game (23), rebounds per game (27) and 3-pointers attempted per game (31)

Nassau is coming into the tournament with a 26-5 record.

Players to watch for Nassau are:

Kavione Green, who averages 14 points and six rebounds a game.

Edwin Sainvil, who averages 12 points and a rebound a game.

Terrell Williams, who averages 10 points a game and two rebounds.

Watch the 4 p.m. game live online here and follow on Twitter for live updates. Visit The Et Cetera online after the game for a full update.



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