Player Diary: Dress up time!

Sophomore captain Cynthia Martin poses following the NJCAA Division III Volleyball banquet.

Day 2: Thursday, Nov. 14

I got lucky this morning. I failed to set an alarm the night before but my roomie, Tangela Fuller, was on her A game. We woke up at 6:30 and immediately started getting ready for breakfast. I’m really not a morning person, but I sure have been these past couple days. I woke up excited and so ready for practice.

It was our last practice of the whole season, the last time I’ll ever practice with this team. It really hit me this morning. This week is our last week together. I’m sure I’ll still hang out with some of them and even see them at school, but it’s the last time we’ll really be united as a team. I was so ready to get out on the court with them and work.

After leaving Perkins, the pancake house where we ate breakfast, we headed to practice. I was sitting next to our libero, Cecilia Valadez, in the van. We both had a serious case of the giggles. I think that’s when the coffee I had at breakfast began to kick in. Once we got to the school we all scurried to the gym because it was way too cold. It sure did heat up once we started practicing, though.

Today everyone was very focused again, and as a captain, that’s what I like to see. Everyone was ready to correct their mistakes today, tweak the little things. Leaving practice, all I could think about was our games tomorrow. I’m going to give it everything I have. I recently made the decision to keep playing after I leave Eastfield, and if I’m going to do that I need to play every game to the best of my ability. You never know who is watching.

The banquet was today. It was nice getting all pretty and taking pictures. It’s always fun getting dressed up with your team because we’re so used to seeing each other all sweaty and nasty. We got to get a good look at our competition. I think we’re the only team from the south because everyone I talked to had that silly northern accent. We got to exchange T-shirts with girls from other teams. Everyone loved that because everyone loves T-shirts! After the banquet was over, Kevin Cushingberry Jr. from The Et Cetera took a bunch of pictures of all of us. It was nice getting pictures taken of us with a big nice camera instead of just pictures from our phones. After all the fun was over, we headed back to our rooms and started to wind down. I’m currently having trouble winding down because I am so pumped for our games tomorrow.

We’re gonna kick butt!

-Cynthia Martin


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