Harvesters are ready to fulfill their destiny in title game

The Eastfield Harvesters are gearing up for their NJCAA Division III national championship game against the Brookdale Jersey Blues today at 6 p.m.
The Harvesters had their final practiceof the season this morning and are eager for the game to tip off.
Sophomore guard Brock Hunter said this game is the biggest of his life.
“We’re really playing in the national championship today,” Hunter said. “Not the conference, not the region, the national championship. We’ve been talking about this since June. Now we’re here.”
Freshman forward Andrew Maxie said the championship game is the culmination of a magical season.
“It’s crazy how things work out,” he said. “Semar (Farris) came back, Mike (Love) transferred from Kansas Wesleyan, me and (David) Bonner came from Odessa, and Tweet (Oscar Lewis) transfered from Panola on the first day of school. Who would have thought this time last year we would all be competing on the same team for the national championship?”
Hunter said everything just came together for the team this season.
“It’s destiny,” he said. “Mike hit that three for us to win on Day 1. If he misses that, we’re playing in the losers bracket right now. But he made it. We’re supposed to be here.”
— Kevin Cushingberry Jr.

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