Player Diary: Pure Excitement

At 5 a.m., my teammate, David Bonner, woke me up with pure excitement. About 20 minutes later Brock Hunter knocked on the door singing. It was time to head to the school, so we had to wake up Semar Farris, who sleeps every chance he gets.

As we arrived at the school we saw the rest of the team outside and three vans ready to load up. Everybody was hyped for the trip, but some were scared because of the flight.

I sat next to LaDaniel Marshall on the plane, and he said his heart was beating like a pit bull was chasing him. The flight had him extra nervous, and I found that too funny!

We landed in New Jersey and made a drive to eat. Me and a couple of my teammtes had an excellent plan to save money. We bought the family meal at Popeye’s instead of individual meals. Brilliant of us.

We still had a two-hour drive to the resort, so we checked out the Region V championship game! We arrived at the resort and checked into our suites. We really didn’t have time to get settled because we had practice in a couple hours.

It was a regular practice, but since another team playing in the tournament decided to watch us practice, it added a little intensity.

Now it’s dinner time. Since our plan earlier at Popeyes worked so well, me and my roommates decided to do a little grocery shopping to save money. Once again, brilliant.

Big day tomorrow. It’s our last practice of the season, and the formal banquet for the tournament is tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to getting spiffy.

— Andrew Maxie


4 Replies to “Player Diary: Pure Excitement”

  1. I am so excited for the basketball team. This is such a great honor and exciting experience for all of you. Enjoy every moment of it guys and bring home a National Championship for Eastfield. Go Harvesters!

  2. Hi Andrew, this is Dr. Douglas (VP of Business Services). Thank you for keeping this diary. I look forward to experiencing New York through a player’s eyes…so please keep your posts coming. We’re so proud of you guys and wish you the very best today and throughout the tournament. We’ll be cheering you on here at the home front! Go out there, give it your all, and bring home that National Championship!

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