The Et Cetera heads to New York

Et Cetera sports editor Kevin Cushingberry Jr. is traveling with the Eastfield Harvesters basketball team today to cover the NJCAA Division III national tournament in Loch Sheldrake, N.Y.  Kevin will be blogging about the Harvesters and his experience daily this week. Be sure to check back regularly for updates.


Kevin Cushingberry Jr.


7 Replies to “The Et Cetera heads to New York”

    1. Hi Miss Buck,
      Thanks a lot. 🙂 The team has their first game tomorrow at 11. I just remembered when I saw your post that you’re an athlete! Well its time for the team’s banquet, but I’ll post another diary tonight. Thanks again for your support.

  1. Hi Kevin! I am very excited for the Harvesters and for you, and I look forward to more updates. Good luck tomorrow! — Sabine Winter

    1. Hi Professor Winter, thanks a lot for your support. The team is really excited to be here. They’re getting up shots right now; 47 minutes until the game starts!

  2. Kevin, this is Dr. Douglas (VP of Business Services). What a wonderful way for us to keep up with the team and their New York experience! Thanks to the Et Cetera for such comprehensive coverage. I look forward to your posts and pictures…so keep ’em coming and have a wonderful time!

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